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Supplemental Insurance Policies

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Health insurance is one of the most basic employee benefits that companies provide. However, no matter how good the coverage is, no health insurance plan is airtight. There may be gaps or exclusions that will affect you as the insured. A supplemental insurance policy is the best way to ensure that whatever gaps exist in your health plan are reasonably covered.

Supplemental insurance plans are highly customizable to your specific needs. It can be tailored to cover medication expenses, specified illnesses, and even cosmetic procedures. For as long as it is not covered by your primary health plan, then it may be possible to get it covered.

Supplemental insurance is designed to take effect at the same time your regular health insurance plan is triggered. Often you will need to submit a statement from your regular health insurance plan provider indicating the costs that are outside the scope of the plan's coverage, after which the supplemental insurance will answer for those expenses not covered.

The value of supplemental policies for those already covered by health insurance is the savings. Paying for non-covered medical expenses out of pocket can be very expensive, costing you thousands of dollars. But for only a reasonable premium, you can fill in the gaps in your health insurance plan by availing yourself of a supplemental plan.

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