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Riding a motorbike is inherently riskier thant driving a car, mainly because the rider is always exposed to the environment and has no barriers or buffers to protect the rider from a head-on collision. This is why even the toughest rider would be wise to avail of motorcycle insurance.

Motorcycle insurance insures both the rider and the motorcycle from the risk of loss or damage, or in the case of the rider, the risk of serious riding-related injury. Such coverage usually does not distinguish between instances where the poicy holder is at fault, or if the third party is at fault. However, depending on state regulations, other insurance policies may need to be exhausted first before the coverage of the motorcycle insurance kicks in. Such insurance plans also covers injuries or damage to third parties should the policy holder be at fault. Motorcycle insurance also features coverage for loss, damage, or injury, where the third party is either underinsured or has no insurance at all.

Sometimes, insurance companies will allow policy holders to add riders to cover things like custom parts, roadside assistance services, trailer damage, and so on. This adds to the flexibility of the motorcycle insurance and lets the policy holders prioritize how they and their motorbikes will be protected. Coverage and premiums may also depend on the preference of the polcy holder or their capacity to pay the premiums.

Finally, motorcycle insurance can be availed of, no matter what kind of motorbike you ride. Whether it be mass-production models, custom jobs, vintage cruisers, ATVs, or even scooters and tricycles, all of these can be covered by the motorcycle insurance of your choice.

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