Flood Insurance Update: Is this your Primary Residence?

Effective April 1 2015, ALL Flood Insurance policies will have the use and occupancy checked by FEMA.


You ask, "How in the world will they do that?"
Well, it is quite easy.


FEMA is going to apply the non-Primary surcharge to your policy automatically. That surcharge is $250, and it will be added to any policy. It doesn’t matter what zone you are in or how much coverage you have. You must now prove that the policy is on your primary residence.


If the home is your primary home AND you also prove that it is, then your surcharge is only $25. Make sure that you your agent or provider has one of the following items on record and submitted to FEMA:

  • Drivers License with correct address
  • Automobile Registration
  • Proof of Insurance for a vehicle
  • Voters Registration
  • Documents showing where Children attend school; or
  • Homestead Tax Credit Form for Primary Residence

If you cannot provide the documentation listed above, you must submit a signed and dated statement to your insurer to verify your primary residence status.


Please keep in mind, a false statement could result in the denial of a portion of all of your claim due to being incorrectly rated.


As always we appreciate your business and if we can help let us know. Our staff understands flood issues and we discuss any properties that may have questions or concerns.



Thanks as always.



Jeff Brady

Rountree and Brady Insurance Agency

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