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Flood Insurance Policies

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Having a flood insurance can be handy at a time of surprise. The contents and the physical building can be covered in case there is flood. Accessories like furniture, electronics and many others can also be covered depending on your policy.

Whether living in a low lying area, non-typical flood zones or a low-lying area, anyone can avail of a coverage. If living in a flood prone region, you might be required to have a policy if your mortgage loan is guaranteed by a federal agency like the FHA.

Not all insurers offer this kind of coverage. Federal programs are also available. To purchase through a federal program, one must course it through a private insurance agency. The policy takes effect 30 days after purchase.

There are policies available for renters, homeowners, condo owners and business establishments. These range from high level to low level coverage. These protects the outside of the building and the valuables there in.

Not having had experienced flood in the past means that a person may not experience it in the future. A few feet of water may cause thousands of dollars worth of damages to properties.

Floods can be very devastating. Just like any other natural disaster (Hurricanes), it does not discriminate. You do not have to wait for your area to be declared as a state disaster in order to get an assistance. Get in touch with any of our well trained advisors to help keep your home and properties afloat. Contact us today for flood insurance in Savannah and Hurricane Insurance in Savannah. 

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