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Commercial Auto Insurance Policies

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Commercial car insurance is something that commercial drivers and business owners who operates vehicles should avail. In case of a physical injury or property damage due to an accident, this kind of insurance can help you pay for the expenses.

A commercial liability policy is a requirement if your business operation includes delivery drivers or shuttle service. A driver for business purposes might also be required to avail of a commercial liability insurance. This could also protect a commercial driver from law suits or penalties. Our advisors are available at your convenience to help you decide on which kind of insurance and coverage you need.

Different types of commercial car insurance policies are available. These policies include collision protection, comprehensive, liability, uninsured motorist and under-insured motorist. You may also get additional rider to your policy. The damage caused by the accident to other vehicle and its driver.

Covering you financially in an unfortunate event of a car accident is the main purpose of the under-insured motorist and the uninsured motorist policy. Damages caused by theft, vandalism, natural disaster and weather conditions are covered by the comprehensive insurance policy. The cost for the damage is covered under the collision insurance.

A lot of benefits are provided by the commercial auto insurance. Through this kind of insurance policy, paying for the expenses arising from the repair to the damaged vehicles are shouldered by your insurance company. Claims made by the other party may also be paid by your insurance company. Every state has a different commercial liability policy requirement. Contact our agency at your convenience to learn more regarding the standard requirements by your community.

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